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About Us: Welcome to MyComparisonGuide

At MyComparisonGuide, we are on a mission to provide you with comprehensive insights that empower your decision-making across the realms of finance and technology. Founded by two passionate individuals who bring their expertise to the table, we strive to be your trusted resource for informed choices.

Meet the Team:

Mohan Choudhary – Co-Founder (Finance & Investment)

Mohan Choudhary - Co-Founder of My comparision Guide

Mohan Choudhary is a seasoned finance enthusiast with a journey spanning over 4 years in the domains of finance, trading, and investment. His expertise is grounded in his deep understanding of market trends, investment strategies, and financial planning. Armed with insights gained from real-world experiences, Mohan is committed to simplifying complex financial concepts and offering valuable guidance to help you navigate your financial journey.

Niket Sharma – Co-Founder (Tech, Marketing & SEO)

Niket Sharma - Co-Founder of My comparision Guide

Niket Sharma is a tech aficionado with a flair for marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). With 4 years of hands-on experience in the marketing landscape, Niket has a keen eye for emerging technological trends, software solutions, and digital strategies. His passion lies in demystifying the ever-evolving tech world, equipping you with the knowledge needed to harness the power of technology for your business growth.

Our Vision:

At MyComparisonGuide, our vision is simple yet powerful – to be your go-to platform for insightful and well-researched information. We understand that making informed decisions is crucial, whether you’re looking to invest your hard-earned money wisely or stay ahead in the digital realm. Our commitment is to provide you with accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date content that empowers you to seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

Why Choose Us:


With a combined experience of 8 years, Mohan and Niket bring their unique perspectives to the table, ensuring a well-rounded approach to finance, technology, marketing, and SEO.


Our content is rooted in thorough research, ensuring that you receive accurate information that you can rely on.


We believe in making complex topics accessible. Our content is designed to simplify intricate concepts, making them understandable for all.


Our co-founders’ diverse backgrounds mean that you get a holistic view of both finance and technology, helping you connect the dots for better decision-making.


We value transparency and authenticity. Our aim is to provide you with insights that enable you to see the bigger picture.

Join Our Community:

Whether you’re a budding investor, an entrepreneur navigating the digital landscape, or simply someone seeking knowledge, we invite you to be part of our growing community. Together, let’s explore the world of finance, technology, marketing, and SEO, and unlock a wealth of opportunities.

Connect with us, engage in our content, and embark on a journey of informed decisions and growth.

Warm regards,

Mohan Choudhary & Niket Sharma
Co-Founders, MyComparisonGuide