20+Best Affiliate Marketing Programs & Websites In India

Unlocking the potential for passive income streams through affiliate marketing has become a burgeoning opportunity for individuals and businesses alike, especially in the dynamic landscape of India’s digital economy. With a myriad of affiliate marketing programs and platforms available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into some of the best affiliate marketing programs and websites specifically tailored for the Indian market. 

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just dipping your toes into this lucrative realm, this article aims to equip you with the knowledge and insights to make informed decisions and maximize your earning potential in the realm of affiliate marketing within India.

1) E-commerce affiliate marketing programs in India

A) Amazon 

Amazon Affiliate Program

When speaking about the best affiliate program in India in the e-commerce category, Amazon has to be at the top of my list. Running one of the largest affiliate programs in India, Amazon is the first choice of many influencers, bloggers, and content creators. The trust that Amazon has built surely gives it an amazing conversion rate and loads of money to earn. There are millions of products listed on Amazon, and you can promote any of them on your site, YouTube channel, or through social media. 

The program works very smoothly and gives you a commission between 1% and 10%, depending on the type of product you are promoting. For example, the electronics item has the highest commission rate. 

The best way to earn money from the Amazon affiliate program is by creating an Amazon affiliate niche-based site. There are multiple categories and products available on Amazon. You can pick one of them, check for the keyword volume for the product, competition, and market size, and create a website around a single product. 

Here are some examples of Amazon affiliate sites:

B) Flipkart

Flipkart Affiliate Program

The next e-commerce affiliate marketing program in India is by Flipkart, which is a better alternative and competitor of Amazon in India. Flipkart is India’s second-largest e-commerce website. With Flipkart affiliate marketing, you get lucrative affiliate commissions ranging from 1% to 5% across various different products and categories.

Flipkart also gives you a wide range of affiliate marketing tools to help you improve your campaigns, including banners and widgets that you can put on your site. You can also use Flipkart’s API to access more features and listings and present them in a customized format on your site. 

The best tool that you can leverage as a Flipkart affiliate is the powerful search tool or search bar widget on your website. Using this tool, your site visitors can search for Flipkart’s products on your site and directly order them, while you get the commission for sale.

If you want to make a big commission from Flipkart affiliate marketing, then start a niche site similar to the Amazon niche site that I mentioned above. 

C) Shopify 

Looking for some high-paying affiliate marketing websites in India? If yes, Shopify has got your back covered. Shopify is a top-rated e-commerce platform in India where you can start your online store and promote your products or services online. 

The Shopify Affiliate Program is for entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who teach their audience about online store creation and entrepreneurship by leveraging Shopify. This program is free to join and allows you to monetize your blog, YouTube channel, or social media to reach your audience and earn a commission for each sale.

In order to qualify as an affiliate for Shopify, you must have the following: 

  • Own and run an active website. 
  • Have and decent audience base. 
  • Create original content, such as online courses, seminars, blog posts, or videos. 

2) Hosting affiliate marketing programs in India

Hosting affiliate programs in India is widely popular and one of my personal favorites, as they are high-paying, easy to promote, and highly convertible. So here are some high-paying hosting affiliate sites in India. 

A) Bluehost

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is one of my favorite Indian hosting affiliate programs, charging Rs 5000 per sale and sometimes Rs 6,000 per sale if you can bring more sales and conversions to them. 

It is also one of the most popular affiliate programs among many bloggers and SEO experts. The program is 100% free to join, and you can promote Bluehost hosting on your blog, social media, forum, YouTube, and via email marketing. Once you sign up as an affiliate, you will get a dashboard and analytics tool to track your sales, commissions, clicks, and a lot more information.

In order to get your Bluehost affiliate account approved, you must run a blog with decent traffic and design, or you must have a YouTube subscriber and social media following. 

Bluehost pays all their affiliates via bank transfer or PayPal. Once you have reached the threshold of Rs 5,000 or $100, your amount will be transferred after the next sale. 

B) Bigrock

Bigrock Affiliate Program

Big Rock is yet another high-paying affiliate website in India in the web hosting space that is known for paying Rs 10,000 per qualified sale as a commission. They pay 50% of each sale on web hosting and servers, 8% on domain registration, and 25% of each sale on business and enterprise email solutions. 

Once you sign up as a BigRock affiliate, you will get the tracking link, which you promote on your blog and share in your network to earn commission. If you run a website or blog, you can place banners and text links that BigRock offers. 

With BigRock, you can also get custom affiliate links.

C) Hostinger

Hostinger Affiliate Program

The Hotinger Affiliate Program pays you 60% of the commission on every sale. It is one of the fastest-growing affiliate programs in India that gives you a personal affiliate account manager and a marketing professional who will help you with your questions and promote Hostinger on your website, YouTube channel, social media, and many other platforms. 

The more sales you get for the Hostinger website, the more money you can make. If you can bring more sales to Hostinger during per month period, then your commission can be increased and you can discuss for customs commission rates. If you’re worried that you’ll occasionally bring only one or two users,.

D) Cloudways

Cloudways Affiliate Program

If you want to earn $125 per sale on hosting, then the Cloudways hosting affiliate program in India is waiting for you. The program rewards you with payment in three flexible commission models: recurring commission, low churn rate, and a 90-day cookie policy. Anyone can join the program by creating an account with Cloudways and then registering as an affiliate. You can fill out your profile and get your account approved within 2 business days. 

Speaking about its payment, Cloudways pays via Paypal once your monthly earnings reach $250. If you hit this threshold, your earnings will be transferred before June 10th of every month. Plus, Cloudways also has a Tier 2 affiliate program, through which you can refer someone to join Cloudways Affiliate and get 10% per sub-affiliate of their earnings.

Besides, you can also get custom coupon codes and offer discounts to your audience, provided that you can bring an amazing number of sales to Cloudways. Or, you can use their eye-captivating banners and widgets to add them to your site and increase your conversion rate. 

E) Godaddy

Godaddy Affiliate Program

The next on my list of affiliate marketing websites in India is Godaddy. Godaddy is one of the oldest domain registrars and hosting companies in India. Their affiliate program pays you for their products, like domains, websites, SSL certificates, web hosting, professional email, Microsoft products, and many other products that they have. They have outsourced their program to Commission Junction, an affiliate marketplace in India. 

The best part about the Godaddy affiliate program in India is that you get 24*7 customer support. You can reach out to them for any queries with regards to your affiliate account. You can also get custom landing pages if you have the capability to get more sales. 

F) Namecheap

Discover the renowned Namecheap Affiliate Program in India, an illustrious gem among web hosting affiliate initiatives.

Dive into the realm of Namecheap’s affiliate endeavor, where marketers sculpt their success by championing Namecheap’s array of products through bespoke affiliate links. Each purchase originating from your referral shores up your coffers with a gratifying percentage.

This program is an inclusive haven, welcoming all publishers eager to explore its potential. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, a visionary website owner, a bold entrepreneur, a masterful developer, or a savvy digital marketer, if you possess an audience hungry for domains or hosting, this is your stage.

Once you enlist as a Namecheap affiliate, luxuriate in tailored promotional support. From captivating banners to enticing text links, the Namecheap team stands steadfastly by your side, offering unwavering assistance.

Dive into the bountiful waters of Namecheap’s Affiliate Commission Rates and Payment Methods. Within the ShareASale network, revel in commissions structured thusly:

20% for every domain registration.

35% for each web hosting order.

35% for SSL certificate orders.

Similar commission rates adorn the other two esteemed affiliate networks, Impact Radius and Commission Junction, with percentages ranging from 20% to 35%. Bear in mind, however, that affiliate commission rates may undergo slight adjustments for coupon or cashback sites.

G) A2Hosting

A2Hosting Affiliate Program

A2 is yet another top-rated affiliate marketing website in India that offers $125 per sale and tier-two commissions of $5 per new customer. For 1–10 sales, you get paid $55 per sale. For 11–15 sales, you get $75 per sale. For 16–20 sales, you get $100 per sale, and for 21+ sales, you get $125 per sale. That’s amazing, right? That’s why A2 Hosting is known for having the most lucrative affiliate program in India. 

The best part of the program is the second-tier affiliate commission, which means anyone who clicks on your A2 Hosting affiliate link and signs up for our affiliate program is placed on your second-tier commission. You get $5 every time an affiliate on your second tier makes a sale.

However, getting approved as an affiliate by A2 Hosting is slightly difficult. You need to have a decent website with a stunning design and a handsome amount of traffic on it. The traffic should come from organic sources and be highly targeted. 

If you are running a YouTube channel, then you must have a certain number of followers or subscribers in a niche related to marketing, hosting, or business. 

H) GreekGeeks

GreekGeeks Affiliate Program

The GreenGeeks Affiliate Program offers a unique opportunity to combine profitability with purpose. By joining forces with one of the leading web hosting providers, affiliates not only stand to earn attractive commissions but also contribute to a greener future for the internet. 

Once onboarded, affiliates can start promoting GreenGeeks through various channels, such as blogs, social media, email marketing, and more. With a compelling message of sustainability and exceptional service, affiliates can attract customers who value both quality hosting and environmental responsibility.

Reasons to join the GreenGeeks affiliate program in India.

High Payouts: Renowned as one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the industry, GreenGeeks ensures that your efforts are generously rewarded.

Exceptional Service: By promoting GreenGeeks, affiliates endorse not only a top-tier web hosting service but also a commitment to eco-friendly practices. GreenGeeks stands out for its dedication to offsetting carbon footprints and utilizing renewable energy sources, making it a choice that aligns with the values of many.

3) Fashion affiliate marketing programs in India

If you are a fashion content creator in India and want to make money online by promoting apparel and fashion accessories, then watch out for these fashion affiliate programs and websites in India.

A) Nykaa

Nykaa Affiliate Program

The first fashion affiliate marketing site in India is Nykaa, which is also one of the largest fashion e-commerce sites in India. They have a program called Nykaa Affiliate Program for creators and fashion influencers. If you are one of them with 5K followers or above, then you can join this program and generate unique affiliate links that can be integrated into your content. If you run a fashion blog or YouTube channel, you can still join this program. 

The best part of NAP is that they give an 8% fixed commission on all the products across all the categories, allowing you to earn a handsome commission on all products. 

To join this program, you can register via this link: https://affiliate.nykaa.com/register/, and fill in all the general information, including your social profile link and official email address. Also, update the payment information and tax information. After verifying your profile, the Nykaa team will approve your account.

B) TATA Cliq

The next affiliate marketing site in India within the fashion niche is Tata Cliq. This affiliate program is for bloggers, publishers, and platforms that want to monetize their customers and websites. As an affiliate of TATA Cliq, you will have access to a plethora of products ranging from shoes, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, activewear, and much more. You can enroll in this program and start promoting the products you love. 

However, on the official website of TATA Cliq, they have not mentioned the commission structure clearly. But you can reach out to their support team at affiliates@tatacliq.com and ask all your doubts and queries. 

C) House of Indya

House of Indya Affiliate Program

The next top-rated fashion affiliate program in India is from Indya, which is India’s leading modern festive wear collection site. This program is for bloggers, influencers, and fashion lovers who can share Indya’s products with their audience, friends, and family and earn a commission from sales. The program allows you to monetize your audience and your reach. Apart from great commissions, Indya also gives incentives and rewards to their top-performing affiliates.

Indya is also one of the high-paying fashion affiliate websites in India that pays a commission of 15% per sale. You can earn up to Rs 1 lakh or $1200 per month. 

Once you register, you will get a personalized website link, which you can share with potential customers. You will also be provided with your own dashboard (under ‘My Account’) where you can track your sales, commissions, promotions, and more.

D) Nike

Nike Affiliate Program

Looking to boost your blog’s revenue while sharing your passion for sports and style? Look no further than the Nike Affiliate Program! If your application gets the green light, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of Nike links and banners to seamlessly integrate into your content.

As a Nike affiliate, you’re in for a treat:

  • Earn up to 11% commission: score commissions on every valid sale you drive.
  • 30-Day Cookie Period: Even if your visitors don’t buy right away, you can still earn credit for their purchases within 30 days.
  • Tailored Banners: Spruce up your blog with a variety of category-specific banners that resonate with your audience.
  • Exclusive Nike By You Promotions: Showcase custom Nike content to keep your readers engaged.

Automated Product Feeds: Stay in the loop with the latest Nike gear through automated feeds.

Regular Updates: Receive timely communications on offers, new products, and promotions to keep your blog fresh.

Exciting Rewards: Host competitions and promotions for your audience and win cool gifts!

E) Adidas

Adidas Affiliate Program

Adidas’ global reputation is solidified by its #16 ranking on the prestigious Global RepTrak list in 2022, a testament to its resonance with consumers in the active lifestyle sector. A fascinating historical tidbit: the legendary track athlete Jesse Owens catapulted Adidas to international fame during the 1936 Olympics, clinching four gold medals while sporting Adidas sneakers. Remarkably, Owens became the inaugural athlete to secure a sponsorship deal with a shoe company, laying the groundwork for modern sports marketing.

In the realm of affiliate marketing, Adidas reigns supreme with its acclaimed affiliate program, recognized as one of the best in the industry. Boasting generous commissions and a plethora of enticing benefits, it’s a prime choice for affiliates seeking lucrative partnerships. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or a newcomer eager to explore new opportunities, delving into the details of the Adidas affiliate program could be the next step toward amplifying your affiliate marketing endeavors. Dive into the specifics below to gauge if Adidas aligns with your current affiliate marketing objectives.

4) SEO affiliate marketing programs in India

Are you a blogger, SEO expert, or digital marketing agency owner? If yes, then you can participate in some of the SEO affiliate marketing programs in India and make a side income. These affiliate programs can pay more than $2000 per month, provided that you promote them with full dedication to a highly targeted audience. 

A) Semrush

SEMrush Affiliate Program

The first on this list is the Berush Affiliate Program by Semrush, a popular SEO tool used by millions of users. The Semrush Affiliate Program allows you to earn up to $350 per sale on their SEO tool by referring it to customers. It offers you an opportunity to monetize your audience and earn side income from new sales. The first on this list is the Berush Affiliate Program by Semrush, a popular SEO tool used by millions of users. 

The Berush Affiliate Program allows you to earn up to $350 per sale on their SEO tool by referring it to customers. It offers you an opportunity to monetize your audience and earn side income from new sales. The commission structure is very simple and generous, allowing you to earn the maximum amount of money. 

SEMrush Affiliate Plan

The best part of this program is its cookie length which offers last-click attribution and 120 days of cookie life.

This means if a user clicks on your affiliate link and signs up for the paid subscription within 120 days, then you are still eligible to get your commission. You will get the commission even if the user doesn’t make the purchase on the spot. 

Once you join the Berush affiliate program, you will get a dedicated account manager, custom landing pages, banner ads, and an SEO tool embed feature that can be used on your site. 

B) Spyfu

Spyfu Affiliate Program

Spyfu is another great SEO affiliate marketing website in India that you can promote to your customers and colleagues to earn a decent 40% commission on sales. For example, if a customer chooses a $299 term plan, then you will be eligible for a $119 payment per sale. 

Once you reach the minimum payment of $100, you will start receiving monthly payments automatically. The best part of the Spyfu affiliate program is their one-year cookie tracking, meaning that when visitors click on your link and decide to purchase anytime within a span of one year, you will still get credit for the referral. 

C) SEO Mangoos 

SEO Mangoos Affiliate Program

Are you hunting for a recurring SEO affiliate marketing site in India? If yes, then Mangools has got your back covered. The Mangoos Affiliate Program will give you a 30% recurring commission on all the sales you make. Plus, it offers a 30-day cookie, and your commissions will be automatically confirmed within 30 days. 

You will get the commission once you reach the threshold of $150. If you have not reached this threshold, the amount will be transferred to you in the next payout period. This means you won’t lose any money, even for a single sale. All your payments will be made via PayPal.

D) SEranking

SEranking Affiliate Program

The next SEO and marketing affiliate program in India is SEranking, which is one of my favorite SEO tools. This affiliate program gives you $30 per sale on the basic plan and $71 per sale on the business plan, which is slightly less as compared to the Berush Affiliate program. 

There is a 120-day cookie policy, and you get a transparent dashboard where you can track all your clicks, conversions, payouts, and sales. This is a 100% in-house Affilaite marketing website in India, which means you will have access to a dedicated Affilaite manager who will support you in bringing more sales and conversions. 

E) Accuranker

Accuranker is a fast-growing SEO software and tool that is being used by many companies and agencies across the world. Their affiliate program offers a stunning 20% recurring commission on each sale. The more you get new customers, the more commissions you will earn. Accuranker allows you to post as many affiliate links on your site and gives you a 120-day cookie duration to increase your conversion rate. 

As with many other SaaS and SEO platforms, AccuRanker also pays its affiliates via PayPal on a monthly basis. The minimum payout threshold under this affiliate program is $50. 

You can join their pogram through their in house affiliate marketing software and get dedicated account manager. You will get payments through Paypal at the end of each month. 

FAQs About the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs and Websites in India

1. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where businesses reward affiliates for driving traffic or sales to their website through the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

2. How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliates promote products or services through unique affiliate links provided by merchants. When a user clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase or completes a desired action, the affiliate earns a commission.

3. What are the best affiliate marketing programs in India?

Some popular affiliate marketing programs in India include Amazon Associates, Flipkart Affiliate, Snapdeal Affiliate, Cuelinks, vCommission, and Commission Junction.

4. How do I join affiliate marketing programs?

To join affiliate marketing programs, you typically need to sign up on the respective platform’s website. You may need to provide details about your website, traffic sources, and payment preferences.

5. Do I need a website to do affiliate marketing?

While having a website can be beneficial for affiliate marketing, it’s not always necessary. You can also promote affiliate products through social media, email marketing, YouTube channels, or other online platforms.

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