15 Best Link Building Companies & Services

Are you looking to buy backlinks from the best companies and agencies for link-building in SEO? Do you need help with your Google rankings and link-building efforts? If yes, then keep reading this blog post and get to know some of the best link-building companies in the world.

Why backlinks are important in SEO

Link building is surely one of the most important SEO activities that has a 90% impact on your overall SEO rankings, along with quality content. If you can master both of these two SEO activities, then nobody can stop you from getting your website on top of Google. However, most people struggle with link-building. They either build links from poor-quality sites or they don’t understand the process of link building or how to approach it. 

This is where the link-building companies come into the picture. 

Link-building agencies and companies have resources, teams, experience, and most importantly, data about the websites from several niches where they can place your link. They can help you get the link from top-quality sites, depending on your niche, metrics, and requirements. 

When you start getting links from several authoritative websites, Google will give credit to your website in terms of SERP rankings, and you might soon see a spike in your organic traffic.

Another reason why backlinks are important is because they help you increase the overall authority of your site. And once your site has built a significant amount of authority, you can rank it quickly compared to your competitors’ websites by churning out content more regularly. 

Should you buy backlinks?

Buying backlinks is still considered to be against Google’s’ guidelines. Google still prohibits any kind of link building, link exchange, or buying of backlinks. However, if you buy backlinks from high-quality websites and make them look natural in the eyes of Google, then there is nothing wrong with them. 

Most webmasters buy backlinks or outsource their off-page tasks to companies that specialize in link-building activities. 

While buying backlinks, make sure that you don’t buy cheap backlinks from PBN sites or general blogging sites. I would also recommend you avoid silly Fiverr gigs on off-page SEO, as they won’t add any value to your off-page activity. I have been there, bought many cheap backlinks on Fiverr, and got my website spammed. 

While buying backlinks, make sure that you buy links from real business websites, service websites, or SaaS sites with good DR and organic traffic. 

Following are the metrics that you should look into a website while buying backlinks. 

1. The DR of a website should be 70+.

2. It should be a SaaS, service, or business website with a blog.

3. The website should have 1K organic traffic at least.

4. The traffic on the websites should be constant or in an increasing state.

5. The traffic on a website should be in a falling pattern.

Best Link Building Companies in the UK, USA, India, and More

Now that you know what backlinks are important and whether you should buy backlinks or not, Let us now explore some of the best link-building companies in the UK, USA, India, and many other countries. 

1. Digital Olympus

Digital Olympus

When speaking about the best link-building companies, Digital Olympus has to be at the top of my list. They are best known for their relationship-based link-building services, where they place links to their clients’s websites on blogs or online sites that represent legit brands or businesses. If they do not have a niche-specific website, they initiate a custom outreach plan to reach the webmaster who runs a similar niche site as your business. This strategy helps them place your link on a relevant business site. 

The best thing about working with Digital Olympus is their transparency and reporting system. At the end of the month, they will send you a detailed link building report, which will include details like the number of links made live, anchor text, landing page, DR and traffic of a website, domain name, niche, and a lot more. They also track all their links that are built, so you can have a guarantee that your link is not getting removed later or labeled as a no-follow tag.

Founder: Alexandra Tachalova

Founder of Digital Olympus Alexandra Tachalova

Why should you hire them?

They follow a five-step process for link building that starts with backlink profile analysis, drafting a link plan, outlining requirements, creating a link schedule, and monitoring the link performance. 

Pricing plans

Their pricing plan for link-building services is quite affordable as compared to other companies. They have multiple plans depending on your business, budget, the number of links required, and the metrics of the website from which you want to get your links. 

Other services

Apart from link building, they don’t offer any other services. They only focus on link-building services. 

2. Dofollow


The next top-rated link-building agency is Dofollow.io, which is a team of experienced link-building specialists, outreach experts, content managers, and HARO managers to help you build the best links. Though they offer niche-specific links, their main focus lies in SaaS link building, which is the highest in the market right now. 

Dofollow.io believes the old and traditional methods of link building are over. That’s why they focus on acquiring quality links from real business websites with DR50+ and handsome organic traffic. Such links are more than enough to outsmart Google’s algorithm. 

Doffolow.io works on the six core principles of transparency, link quality, communication, bespokeness, fairness, and ownership, which sets them apart from other link-building companies in the world. This also helps them deliver good results to their clients within a timeline of 4–12 months. 

Founders: Eric Carrell and Sebastian Schäffer

Founder of Dofollow Eric Carrell
Founder of Dofollow Sebastian Schäffer

Why should you hire them?

Dofollow works with complete honesty, transparency, and dedication. They have worked with some of the best and biggest SaaS companies and brands in the world, and they’ll surely help you scale the organic traffic on your site by taking your off-page activities to the next level.

Pricing plans

Their basic pricing plan starts at $1000 per month and goes up to $5000 per month. 

Other services 

Besides off-page SEO, they also offer white-label link-building services. 

3. Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks

As the name says it all, Outreach Monks is another professional link-building service provider. They started their operations in 2017 and offered their services to 2000+ businesses and SEO agencies all across the world. Their aim is to help brands and businesses grow online by taking their off-page activities to the next level. 

Outreach Monks is not an ordinary SEO agency that showcases itself as a jack of all trades. Instead, they focus on only one single part of SEO, which is link building. And they do it with a team of 45+ SEO and marketing professionals working together to deliver nothing but the best results to their clients.

Outreach Monks specializes in high-quality link-building services that have helped their clients like Blue Magic, Mind Vapes, and many more scale their rankings and open the floodgates of organic traffic on their websites.

Founders: Shireen and Sahil 

Why should you hire them?

Pricing plans

They have multiple pricing plans depending on the size and scale of the business. Ideally, they charge around $100 per live link, which might cost you around $1000 to $2000 per month for their services. 

Other services 

They offer a whole range of link-building services, including guest posting, niche edits, outreach, casino and gambling links, SaaS links, HARO links, CBD links, and more. 

4. Linky Juice

Linky Juice

Linky Juice is a newly started link-building agency based in They are known for crafting meticulous and research-based link-building strategies that help their clients cut through the competition on Google and get their website ranked at the top of the SERP for competitive keywords. With extensive client and competitor data, they create a list of domains that are niche-relevant, high in authority, high in traffic, and add a lot of value to the client’s website.

They mostly follow relationship-based link-building techniques, which allow them to create long-term relationships with websites rather than one-time collaborations. This ensures building a maximum number of links to their clients’ websites in a limited time without paying for links. With this technique, they have been able to acquire links through reputable domains like Hubspot, Cloudways, Namecheap, Envato, and many more. 

So, if you are interested in buying links from SaaS or a service-based website, then Linky Juice should be your one-stop destination. 

Founder: Davit S. Nazaretyan

Founder of Linky Juice - Davit S. Nazaretyan

Why should you hire them?

Linky Juice is one of the most transparent and honest link-building companies out there. They follow a complete process and maintain each and every piece of data regarding their link-building efforts. At the end of each month, each of their clients gets a detailed report regarding the links acquired, anchor text, landing page, domain rating, domain traffic, and the round-the-clock time of the link. 

Pricing plans

Their pricing plans start at $100 per link and go up to $200 per link, depending on the complexity of the project and the type of link to be acquired. If you want to get a link from a highly authoritative website, then the price will be higher, and vice versa. 

Other services 

They don’t offer any other services except link building. 

5. uSERP


If you want to hire the most experienced link-building agency, uSERP is the place you should be. The company was started by Jeremy Moser to put a dead end to low-quality link-building companies and SEO freelancers that do not deliver on their promises. 

uSERP has earned the tag of number one link-building firm from industry leaders like Codeless, Single Grain, SEO for Growth, Growth Ramp, and many other top internet businesses and sites. They have the team of the brightest minds in SEO to earn unreachable backlinks within days, allowing their clients to scale their organic traffic in no time.

They have worked with some of the most reputed brands in the industry, namely Simplified, ActiveCampaign, BuzzSprout, Monday.com, Copy.AI, and a lot more. 

All their clients have achieved amazing results and tremendous growth in organic traffic from Google. So, if you want to scale your website to the next level, then buy backlinks from uSERP. 

Founder: Jeremy Moser

Founder of uSERP - Jeremy Moser

Why should you hire them?

uSERP has a team of 50+ members, which includes outreach experts, content experts, account managers, SEO executives, and HARO specialists, to help you get the best links in less time.

Pricing plans

Their pricing plan is quite expensive as compared to other link-building companies. It starts at $1000 per month and goes up to $3000 per month, depending on what type and quality of link you need to acquire. 

Other services 

They do not offer any other services. 

6. Bulldog Digital Media

Bulldog Digital Media

Bulldog Digital Media stands out as the premier link-building company, offering unparalleled expertise and results in the digital landscape. With a proven track record of elevating online visibility and driving organic traffic, Bulldog Digital Media employs cutting-edge strategies to secure high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources. 

Their team of seasoned professionals possesses a deep understanding of search engine algorithms, ensuring sustainable and impactful link-building practices. By choosing Bulldog Digital Media, you gain a strategic partner committed to optimizing your online presence and boosting your website’s authority, making them the go-to choice for businesses seeking unparalleled link-building excellence.

Founder: Gareth Bull

Founder of Bulldog Digital Media -Gareth Bull

Why should you hire them?

Bulldog Digital Media goes beyond merely acquiring backlinks, focusing on securing high-quality links from authoritative sources, ensuring sustained organic growth, and improving search engine rankings.

Pricing plans

Their pricing plan starts at $200 per link, and it might go up to $500 or even more depending on the type of website, quality of the link, and niche. 

Other services 

Besides link-building services in the UK, Bull Dog Digital Media offers many other services like PPC, CRO, content, email marketing, digital PR, and eCommerce SEO. 

7. Linkbuilder.io


Your search for the best link-building company in the USA ends at Linkbuilder.io. With a team of 45+ dedicated link builders and a combined experience of over 250 years, Linkbuilder.io is surely the best place to outsource link-building efforts. They started their operations in 2016 and soon earned good recognition in the link-building industry. Since their inception, they have worked with 350+ companies and built 20K+ links on various SaaS, B2B, services, and many other niche sites.

They work with all sorts of brands and companies who want to increase their online presence, especially on search engines like Google. They follow a very holistic approach to every project and ensure guaranteed results. By leveraging cutting-edge link-building and outreach techniques, they stand apart from other link-building agencies in the USA.

Founders: Stewart D. and Michael Dunlop

Founder of Linkbuilder.io - Stewart D

Why should you hire them?

Linkbuilder.io is not your average link-building service provider. They follow a process to acquire niche-specific links, which makes them the best in the world. 

Pricing plans

Their pricing plan starts at $1000 per month and goes up to $4000 per month. 

Other services

Besides direct link building, they also offer white-labeled link building services. 

8. Fat Joe

Fat Joe

Founded in 2012, Fat Joe is one of the most experienced link-building service agencies in the UK. They are changing the game of link building with their digital PR, outreach, and SEO services. Their link-building service is the most demanding in the UK, USA, and Canada. They generally conduct outreach to help their clients build backlinks that help them improve their visibility and increase rankings on Google. By conducting genuine outreach, they will find the most relevant site for you. 

They focus on securing backlinks from UK and US websites which adds major value to the SEO efforts. 

Founder: Joe Davies

Founder of Fat Joe Joe Davies

Why should you hire them?

Fat Joe is one of the most experienced link-building companies in the UK and the USA. They know the actual process of building links, blogger outreach, how to do niche edits, guest posting, and HARO links. 

Pricing plans

Their pricing plan starts at $800 and goes up to $2000 per month. 

Other services

They also offer complete SEO solutions, right from on-page SEO and off-page SEO to technical SEO and everything in between. You can also resell their services and start your own marketing firm, as they will offer customized solutions as well. 

9. Loganix


When it comes to link-building excellence in the United Kingdom, Loganix emerges as the industry leader. Renowned for its strategic approach, Loganix specializes in crafting customized link-building solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses in the UK. With a team of seasoned professionals, Loganix navigates the intricate landscape of SEO, consistently delivering high-quality backlinks from reputable sources. Their commitment to transparency, ethical practices, and a results-driven mindset sets them apart. 

For businesses aspiring to soar in the UK’s digital realm, hiring Loganix is the key to unlocking a robust online presence and securing a competitive edge through top-tier link-building strategies.

Founder: Adam Steele

Founder of Loganix Adam Steele

Why should you hire them?

Specialized Expertise: Loganix brings a wealth of specialized expertise in link building tailored for the UK market. Their team understands the intricacies of local SEO, ensuring a targeted and effective approach to boost your online visibility.

Reputation for Quality: With a sterling reputation, Loganix consistently delivers high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources. Their commitment to excellence ensures that your website gains credibility and authority in the eyes of search engines.

Customized Solutions: Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, Loganix crafts personalized link-building strategies. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, their tailored solutions align with your goals and maximize your online impact.

Pricing plans

Their link-building pricing plan starts at $500 and goes up to $1000 per month. 

Other services

They offer many other additional services like PPC, content marketing, designing and development, full-stack SEO, email marketing, and a lot more. 

10. The Hoth

The Hoth

This list of the best link-building companies in the UK and USA cannot get over without mentioning The HOTH. With over 22 years of experience in SEO and 200,000+ businesses served, they are surely the best when it comes to outsourcing link-building tasks. Whether you are looking for e-commerce backlinks, CBD links, casino links, or links for your adult website, The HOTH has surely got your back covered.

They only focus on getting their clients’ niche-specific backlinks from real business websites or blogs that are related to their businesses. Suppose you are running a financial service website. The HOTH team will reach out to the best finance bloggers and business owners. 

The best part of The HOTH is that they ask for the metrics of the website on which you would like to get a link. For example, you’ll have complete independence in deciding website authority, the number of links you need, domain rating, and monthly traffic.

Founder: Marc Hardgrove

Founder of The Hoth-  Marc Hardgrove

Why should you hire them?

The HOTH is the most experienced and trustworthy link-building company on this list. They are fully transparent about the reporting for all your link-building orders. At the end of every month, you will get your backlink report with all the details mentioned in it. 

Pricing plans

Their pricing plans are a bit expensive as compared to other companies on this list. The HOTH charges $120 per link, and the price might go up to $1000 per link depending on the traffic and quality of the site. 

Other services

Content creation, technical SEO, managed SEO, and online reputation management are some of the additional services they offer.

11. Linkdoctor.io


As the name says it all, Linkbuilder.io is a passionate link-building company in the USA that helps businesses improve their ranking with their best practices, backlink techniques, and unique approaches. The link-building experts at Linkbuilder.io have a combined 100+ years of work experience. They have also built a proven track record of success over the years because of the quality of their work and the commitment they put into acquiring links for their clients.

Founders: Samuel Darwin and Daniel Martin

Founder of Linkdoctor.io- Samuel Darwin
Founder of Linkdoctor.io- Daniel Martin

Why should you hire them?

The link doctor team focuses on building ethical links by following Google’s guidelines. Their link-building efforts center around creating organic backlinks on high-quality sites that matter to Google.

Pricing plans

Their pricing plans are very affordable and start at $500 per month and go up to $2000 per month. 

Other services

There are no other services. 

12. Page One: Power

Page One: Power

Page One Powe is a full-stack link-building company in the USA with 13 years of experience, serving 10,000+ partners, building more than 100,000+ links, and serving 6100+ clients all across the globe. They started their operations in 2010 and have since offered exceptional link-building services to businesses of all niches. 

Their specialty lies in custom link-building services that are fully customized to meet the needs of their clients. They join hands with clients and decide what the best strategy is to leverage for acquiring links. Their relevance-first approach sets them apart from other link-building companies in the UK and USA.


Founder of Page One: Power

Why should you hire them?

Page One Power is specialized in both resource and niche edits, which means they will help you get links to resource pages like tool, calculator, or pillar content. On the other hand, niche edits mean getting links to websites that are relevant to your business. 

Pricing plans

Their pricing plan starts at $100 per link and goes up to $200 per link or even more. 

Other services

Besides link building, they also offer full-stack SEO and content marketing solutions. 

13. Outreach Mama

Outreach Mama

Links, content, and outreach are the three core specialties of Outreach Mama, which makes them the top-rated link-building service agency in the USA. They focus on relationship link-building by mutually collaborating with the best bloggers, webmasters, and website owners on the web. They will either insert your business link on any of the relevant blog posts or content on the web, or they will submit an article on the website that is relevant to your business. 

Founder: Tomaš Tašić 

Founder of Outreach Mama- Tomaš Tašić

Why should you hire them?

Buying backlinks or hiring Outreach Mama for your link-building efforts means you will be getting high-quality links and better results.

Pricing plans

The pricing plan per link starts at $150 and goes up to $500 per link as well. 

Other services

They offer guest posting, blogger outreach, content marketing, PR, and SEO auditing. 

14. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility

Started in 2013, Ignite Visibility is a 360-degree link-building company in the USA. They are on a mission to provide the most effective online marketing solutions, including link building and SEO, with a high-touch customer experience. With more than 110 full-time employees, 100+ contract workers, and 160+ clients, Ignite has surely provided the best link-building services to clients globally. 

Founders: John Lincoln and Krishnan Coughran

Founder of Ignite Visibility - John Lincoln
Founder of Ignite Visibility - Krishnan Coughran

Why should you hire them?

Ignite Visibility has won many awards and recognition for offering splendid SEO and link-building services in the UK and USA. They follow a very holistic approach to link building by using paid tools like Ninja Outreach, HARO, and Pitchbox, which give guaranteed links from high-quality sites.


Their pricing starts at $500 per month and goes up to $2000 per month for their best plan. 

Other services

SEO, conversion rate optimization, content marketing and writing, email marketing, PPC, social media marketing, creative designing, Amazon marketing, and many more.

15. Search Bloom

The last on my list of the best link-building companies is Search Bloom. Search Bloom considers its clients as partners and collaborates with them to craft effective link-building strategies that work like a charm. 

Before taking up any project, the Search Bloom team analyzes the website with the client and understands which type of web page needs improvement and what keywords they are targeting. Later on, they start their outreach and link-building work by looking out for the most relevant website that would help the client’s website improve its ranking. 

Founder: Cory C. Jensen

Founder of Search Bloom - Cory C. Jensen

Why should you hire them?

When you hire Search Bloom for your link-building efforts, you will also be getting additional SEO services, such as technical auditing of your website and content writing for your guest posts.


Their pricing plan starts at $600 and goes up to $2000 per month. 

Other services

SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing are some additional services that they offer. 

FAQs about Best Link Building Services

What are link-building services?

Professional services aimed at acquiring high-quality backlinks for websites to improve search engine rankings and online visibility.

Why is link-building important for SEO?

It enhances a website’s credibility and relevance in the eyes of search engines, leading to improved rankings and visibility.

What makes a link-building service the best?

The best services prioritize quality, relevance, and ethical practices, aligning acquired backlinks with the client’s goals.

How do they choose websites for backlinks?

By selecting authoritative, relevant, and reputable sites through thorough research.

Are all link-building techniques ethical?

No, ethical practices are crucial; the best services strictly adhere to white-hat techniques to avoid penalties.

How long to see results?

Results vary, but improvements are generally noticed in several weeks to months.

Can they guarantee first-page rankings?

No guarantees are ethical; reputable services focus on legitimate strategies for gradual improvement.

How do I choose the right service?

Look for a proven track record, transparency, ethical practices, and a clear understanding of your goals.

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